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The desire to have some control over what happens around us in our lives is a natural part of being human, often motivated by a drive to attempt to create some sense of stability, predictability, and safety in our environment. And many people are all too quick to completely dismiss the notion that they are being controlling without really thinking about what the other person is actually trying to communicate to them or trying to understand what it really means to be controlling in a relationship.Success doesn't just have to be a work thing, either.You may have a large social network or be an accomplished dancer or activist. If a man actually says "you're too intimidating" as an excuse to break up with you, let him walk away without any fuss.

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Some socially awkward types have the problem of being a bit too uneasy around certain types of people.

I think everyone feels a little uneasy and off-balance when they're around those handful of people who just seem to have everything going for them.

They may be really outgoing as well, which can add in all the problems from the point above.

Many people become confused and even quite upset if a partner or someone else in their lives accuses them of "being controlling" in their relationship together.

There are also examples of the necessity of exerting some control over others, like the importance of parents providing guidance to children as they grow, the need for a teacher to provide some structure in the classroom, and the desire for a supervisor to have some control over what his or her employees are doing in the workplace.