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Clients often report that they enjoy my thoughtful, caring nature and my sense of humor.Please see my website for information on my additional Canton and Buckhead offices.it keeps me in absolute awe whenever I'm in her presence. Smith, who plays Chicago cop Will, told Buzz Feed News on the San Francisco set of Season 2.In a Broadway season long on luscious leading men — Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Zachary Quinto, Ethan Hawke — Brian J. Matthew Scott in “Stargate Universe.” Which is ironic, considering Smith’s Plan B. ” That was six years ago when, fresh out of Juilliard, he found himself bartending and desperate. Let’s face it, if that happened in California, we’d have a very, very, very different reaction to it because these are people that looks like us and our us, are our brothers and sisters. You see what happened with ebola, you see what’s happening in Nepal.

I also specialize in working with college students, teenagers, children and their families.

Google him, and one of the first things to pop up is “shirtless.” And there he is on You Tube, in a scene from the 2005 flick “Hate Crimes,” looking all buff and bare-chested. But, primed as we were to cheer its stars — Quinto and Cherry Jones as Tom and Amanda, Tennessee Williams’ conflicted son and his mother — we didn’t expect to be bowled over by . He’s also done TV shows like “Defiance,” whose executive producer, Kevin Murphy, hails him as the leading hottie in a series “replete with aesthetically pleasing menfolk.” Maybe you’ve seen him, too, as futuristic GI Joe Lt.

Director John Tiffany’s stage revival of “The Glass Menagerie” has generated buzz since it opened in Boston last spring. In last year’s “The Columnist,” he tumbled out of John Lithgow’s bed in his underwear.

“Lana is absolutely a superwoman,” said Clayton, who plays American hacker Nomi on the show.

“The way she channels her energy and her creativity …