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Hey folks, this week my brother, Eric Massak, will be filling in for me on Ensnaring Cambridge duty. Perhaps “The Puppy Who Lost His Way” is an inauspicious title for Magic-oriented article.This article is a response to an article I wrote called “The Myth of Balance” but can be read as a standalone treatise on Magic fatigue. It is, after all, derived from a scene in a twenty-year old Adam Sandler film; a film about a penguin-hallucinating man-child redoing K-12 in order to inherit his father’s multi-million dollar hotel empire. Fan Expo Dallas is proud to unveil our new gaming rooms that are running events all weekend!Selections for advanced players and beginners including; D&D Adventurer’s League Events, Pathfinder RPG & Card game, Star Wars RPG, Magic The Gathering, Ascension Deckbuilding Game, Star Realms Card Game, Munchkin, Star Wars X-Wing, Settler of Catan, Cuthulu Wars, Pandemic Board Game, Ticket To Ride Board Game, Games to name a few. Visionary Entertainment Inc will be joining Fan Expo Dallas this year and bringing with it the Halo Drop Pod experience.There’s no telling what the state of tabletop gaming will be in 2024.But right now it’s fantastic, as the selections below so amply illustrate.

You can check out the tutorial, play 8 campaign missions, and take on the AI for free.I should count my blessings though: I have an apartment, I am “employed,” I have friends and family, and in the game of life I have a pretty high life total.What’s been nagging at me recently is a funk—a bad funk that’s been giving me Magic burnout.Jump feet first into Hell with this Halo experience.Visionary Entertainment brings Halo ODST characters to life, in a performance followed by a ride in the ODST Drop Pod simulated, plus green screen photos ops too!When I talk to my brothers or my roommates the subject inevitably turns to a discussion of the latest set or the modern metagame or the best limited formats or cube changes.