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Dating ariane basketball

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Former WWE star Cameron is being body-slammed for a slew of controversial comments on her preference for white men.

But the 29-year-old — whose real name is Ariane Andrew — claims she’s being unfairly painted as a racist. “We all have a preference,” Cameron — who is black — told TMZ Sports. If you’re dope, you’re dope.” She added that she’s open to dating men of all races.

Not content with sitting still, Ariane is not just a doting mom to two young children, she is finishing up a degree in fashion merchandising, is a lifestyle and fitness trainer, and is now starring on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. o2b Arie essentially means “Oh to be Ariane,” because the brand represents who I am and the way I live my life. My daughter is really active in soccer and we’ve traveled a lot for her. My kids love the water, so they swim in the pool or we go to the beach. Follow @Her Source for more details on how to win yoga classes with me! “Once you have children, it changes your whole life,” Ariane shares.

If that wasn’t enough, this entrepreneurial woman has her sights set on building her own brand, o2b Arie, which includes fitness and lifestyle training, as well as a yoga clothing line (and much more) to follow. It is how I incorporate fitness and health into my life. I have found that through yoga and meditation, it helps me to be more focused and calm. When I feel a sweet tooth coming on, I usually snack on Oreos while watching Sons of Anarchy. The good thing about living in California is that the weather is pretty much always nice. Charlie Hunnam 5) What three words best describe you? The father of Ariane’s children, NBA star De Shawn Stevenson, seems to support her hands-on parenting style.

Ariane is not just another pretty face on the show, either. My daughter loves to roller skate, so we also go to the roller rink. Follow o2b Arie on Twitter and Instagram @o2b Arie. In fact, after making plans to become a buyer in the fashion industry, she felt that pursuing her new o2b Arie brand will allow her the opportunity to use her love of fashion and yoga, while still giving her the opportunity to spend more time with her children.

I have been a yoga instructor for three years and have a client base, but hope to expand it throughout California. I have cut out preservatives and we never eat fast food. I think we have found our break-out star from BBWLA, folks!

Because my brand promotes the best in all of my clients, it is really accurate to think of it as “o2b YOU.” I have loved fashion all my life and used to sketch designs all the time when I was young. My children are allowed a treat after dinner, but that mainly consists of sweet healthy foods they love. Between her fashion and business sense, her cool, calm style, and her outgoing, positive attitude, she is surely on the right track to take o2b Arie to the next level and help women from all over incorporate a healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen into their lives.

She then gushed about her love of “white boys.” The one-time Total Divas star added that she supports The Rock running for U.

CDL had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with VH1’s Basketball Wives LA newcomer, Ariane Williams. I want to wait a bit until things settle down a bit, but I do plan to open a yoga studio.