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Recent developments in self validating seva sensors

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The Coriolis mass flow meter was the first instrument studied by the Oxford group.An understanding of the failure modes of the device led, in the mid 90s, to the realisation that an all-digital transmitter design could lead to substantial performance improvements (e.g. The Unified Modeling Language for Object-Oriented Development// Documentation Set Version 1.1. Bran Selic Real-time object-oriented modeling// John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

A SEVA sensor performs self-validation using device-specific techniques (e.g.measurement analysis, monitoring of auxiliary signals, active self-testing), but then reports the resulting assessment of measurement quality in a standard format, which includes the on-line uncertainty of each measurement.This allows the development of generic control system responses to changes in measurement quality without the need to interpret device-specific error-codes.The Sensor Validation Research Group was founded in 1988 to investigate the use of metrology, diagnostics and digital technology to validate industrial sensors.It has received continuous funding from EPSRC and Invensys companies, particularly Foxboro, from its inception until 2015. The UTC is currently staffed by 3 experienced post-doctoral researcher.The focus of his early research was the development of theory and prototypes of self-validating (SEVA) sensors, a concept formulated at Oxford and which is now the subject of a British Standard (BS-7905) specifying data quality metrics for industrial measurement and control systems.