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Access The state maintains 14 official access sites along the length of the Big Hole.

All of these have boat ramps, but only seven are paved.

We are pleased that we can take on more patients with Amanda as part of our team, and those former Mo M clients who have or will come to CBS for their health care needs with find a familiar face in our office.

Amanda will begin working along side me and Nicole in order to meet everyone who is pregnant, and will start taking call in June.

They were not sacrificed to feed or appease the gods but, rather, ‘to enter the realm of the gods and live in paradise with them.

It was considered a great honour, a transition to a better life from which they would be expected to remain in contact with the community through shamans (holy men)’.

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‘The doctors have been shaking their heads and saying they sure don't look 500 years old but as if they'd died a few weeks ago,’ said U. archaeologist and expedition member Johan Reinhard at the time.

A 500-year-old frozen Incan mummy known as 'The Maiden' was suffering from a bacterial infection when she died - and being able to 'diagnose' the disease could lead to new insights into diseases of the past.‘Our technique opens a new door to solving some of history's biggest mysteries, such as the reasons why the flu of 1918 was so devastating.

It will also enhance our understanding of our future's greatest threats, such as the emergence of new infectious agents or re-emergence of known infectious diseases.’ The view from the summit of Llullaillaco volcano where the children were found.

I will still be taking call 3 nights a week, and filling in when there’s a sick kid, a family emergency, or a vacation.

Nicole and Amanda have agreed that I can deliver my former clients again if I was with that woman for her previous baby’s birth.